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13 Years of

The Original
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Dave Dudek
1969 HEMI Roadrunner
9.98 @ 139 MPH

Rick Mahoney
1968 Ram Air II Firebird
10.42 @ 132.3 MPH

Lane Carey's
1971 Ford mustang 429 SCJ
Brian Wilsey's
1971 Plymouth Duster 340
F.A.S.T. ET & MPH Record Holder
9.84 @ 139.82
F.A.S.T. Small Block Record Holder
11.27 @ 120 MPH , 1.68 60'

Celebrating 13 years of F.A.S.T. racing.
F.A.S.T. Race Series Sponsor

What is F.A.S.T.?
No matter how you look at them, F.A.S.T. cars appear showroom stock, including the body, interior, engine and all its external components & manifolds, even the wheels and original 1960's style skinny bias ply tires. As a matter of fact, F.A.S.T cars place very well at shows for "restored" cars.

But get a group of them on the drag strip, and LOOK OUT! You will see F.A.S.T. cars covering the 1/4 mile in 13, 12, 11, 10 and some even in the 9 second range, with the fastest cars posting trap speeds well over 130 MPH! You see, F.A.S.T. cars may look and sound stock, but internal engine modifications are not restricted.
Tires smoking and rubber squealing, gears banging, lots of side by side, heads-up Drag Racing action! Heads up? Of course! There are no handicaps, indexes, breakout rules or classes in F.A.S.T. racing. Yet every Muscle Car, regardless of performance, or whether the driver is a green newbie or a seasoned veteran, finds a fun and competitive race venue in F.A.S.T.! This is accomplished through our unique race format. The quickest 8 qualifiers go into a heads up, pro-style ladder to determine the top eliminator. All racers who qualify #9 and down go into a best of 3 shoot-out against their closest qualifying competitor. It makes for really tight race action!

James Cook
1969 440-6 Roadrunner, 4 Speed
10.81 ET

Ed Cook - 1963 Plymouth max Wedge
1.57 sixty, 10.38 @ 133 MPH

F.A.S.T. Nationals are fun events! It's like a car show on the race track. Racers and spectators mingle through the pits, telling stories, sharing info, and enjoying the classic American Muscle Cars the way they were built to be enjoyed.

Do phrases like Muscle Cars, drag racing, and good old fashioned brand rivalries between G.M., Ford and Mopar strike a chord within you? Are the terms Hemi, LS6, Stage One, Tri-Power, SixPak, C.O.P.O., Ram-Air, Cobra Jet, and Scat Pack part of your vocabulary? Do you have 100 octane leaded gasoline running through your veins? Answer "YES" to any of these and you NEED to check out a F.A.S.T. event! Enjoy our web site, and make it on down to a F.A.S.T. Race. You'll be glad you did!

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